Mountains To Miracles Veterans Foundation (MMVF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization established to help and serve our veterans in the Northeast who are in need.

We have heard to many times “I didn’t know where to go…” or “I didn’t  know where to start looking or who to call…”  MMVF was founded to address these issues. We will act as a centralized liaison and contact the correct veteran organizations or tap into our network of various sponsors, supporters and volunteers to find the solutions for the problem.

Our Mission: Mountains To Miracles Veterans Foundation is committed to enabling our veterans to function in a safe, comfortable environment where they will not be hindered but instead, will be able to thrive and lead a full life.

Why MMVF was founded:
In 2010, Paul Dubois, a veteran and Vice President of Family Motorcoach Association, received a call from a staff member about a request the organization had received. Former Marine SGT Bryan Purcell had requested a wheelchair equipped motorhome to transport Marine SGT Eddie Ryan, who was wounded in Iraq and suffers from Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), to Washington DC to participate in the Marine Marathon.

Despite a nationwide search, such a vehicle could not be obtained. Not to be defeated, a new solution was found. In cooperation with Alpin Haus RV of Amsterdam and Adirondack Trailways of Kingston, N.Y. and the use of an airline wheelchair their mission was successful and SGT Eddie Ryan was granted his wish.

Upon their return SGT Purcell and Paul DuBois vowed to start an organization to assist veterans. This led to the formation of the Northeast Veterans Outreach Program which in 2012 became Mountains to Miracle Veterans Foundation, a not for profit organization established to serve veterans in the Northeast.

The MMVF Team

CEOPaul DuBois

President – Brian Peck

Executive Vice President – Katherine Marsai, PhD

Executive Director of Volunteer Services – John Bartow

Jack Overton, JD


MMVF c/o Paul DuBois, 119 Second Avenue East. P.O. Box 137, Tribes Hill, NY 12177  Phone: 518-265-7345 Email: