“Love And Compassion Are Necessities, Not Luxuries. Without Them, Humanity Cannot Survive.”

                                                                                                                                                        ~His Holiness, The Dali Lama

T3 ONE SIMPLE MISSION: Build the largest network possible of responders willing to act quickly and selflessly in fulfilling veterans needs.

T3 ASKS FOR ONE OF THREE THINGS: Your time, your talent, or your trade. Whether all it is one hour, one time, or 5 hours a year; Your donation of your skills, your time, or your attention will literally save a life.

T3 HAS ONE REQUIREMENT: We ask that you donate in secret. The organization does not want recognition and we offer no reward for your efforts. We aim to mirror the sacrifice each veteran made when they swore the oath to protect freedom loving people. Many of our veterans performed heroic acts and sacrificed countless and intangible parts of their lives without seeking recognition. Let us show them that we can respond in turn.

Our nation’s best, our young, our warriors, swore an oath to defend our way of life. Many of them take their own lives each year. Awareness, bracelets, 5 K runs, picnics, motorcycle rides and t-shirts mean nothing to a hungry, lonely, or homeless veteran. Through experience and observation, T3 has identified the major cause of veteran suicide . . . “The last straw.”

Regardless of our challenges, people’s greatest need is to feel accepted and part of society. It Is difficult to be hopeless when you know that at least one other person is trying their best to help you. Veterans experience the challenges faced by all of us, substance abuse, legal issues, homelessness, relationship difficulties and employment problems. Veterans are resilient and stronger than most, however, once they feel rejected by those they swore to die for, the stage is set for disaster.

T3 aims to take away the last straw. When a veteran is down on his/her luck, often the littlest thing can lead to them giving up, for good. Perhaps their vehicle is now their home, but has a minor mechanical Issue that causes a failed inspection. Maybe they have a chronic illness, and are fighting the good fight, but their furnace just malfunctioned. Perhaps the simplest thing brightens a veteran’s life; A well sung song, a well cooked specialty dish, or a personal work of art. There is one certain fact; You have something inside of you to give that can save a life simply by taking away the last straw.

Contact us at: jbartow@mmvfvets.org to become part of the Mountains To Miracles T3 team.

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