“As a veteran, in my experience Mountains To Miracles for what they do, is probably one of the best in Central N.Y. and the Capital Region.”

       “I could go into the WAYS Mountains To Miracles helped my father, a veteran, but what was even more remarkable looking back on the experience now was HOW Mountains solved multiple challenges so quickly. At the time, I had spent three weeks reaching out to veterans organizations, only to hear, ‘Sorry, we can’t help you.’ This sentiment was further compounded by people saying that I would never find the help I was looking for. Mountains To Miracles was the last of a veteran resources list I had received. Feeling defeated I almost didn’t make the call. I called, they met with me the next morning, just as I was picking my father up from the hospital. I said little; I showed them pictures of his current circumstances. That was it, they then said, ‘That’s not right, I know what to do, follow me.’ I followed, and it felt like we floated from place to place with doors opening with a breeze. Through Mountains To Miracles’ extensive network, their resources, and knowledge of local programs they were able to efficiently create positive change for my father. They did what others said they couldn’t do for him. They were also a support to me by guiding me in the best ways to help my father. The name ‘Miracles’ for this program is no coincidence, the impossible happens here, miracles happen here. If you don’t believe in miracles, hang around this group for a bit and you’re bound to see one.” K.B.
       “Thanks you for your service Paul. Your attention to the needs of our veterans is greatly appreciated. You are a Patriot among men serving our men and women of the armed forces. God Bless.” C.B.
       “At 97 years old and a WW II veteran, I quit school two weeks prior to graduating high school to become a Marine to fight for my country. Through Mountains To Miracles efforts, transportation, and services I was awarded my high school diploma, it was a dream come true.” C.S.
       “I credit Mountains To Miracles with saving my life. I was a homeless veteran and suicidal. They helped me enter rehabilitation for substance abuse and stayed in contact with me throughout the process. They also assisted me with housing once I was out of rehabilitation. I now volunteer for Mountains To Miracles, I could not be more grateful to them, nor could I ever do enough to repay them.” D.K.
       More testimonials coming soon…
       If you are veteran or family member of a veteran who was assisted by Mountains To Miracles, contact us to share your experience. All testimonials are confidential to protect the identity of the veteran and their families. Your story could be the one that resonates with a veteran, potentially changing a life and possibly creating a miracle.